Rolex FAP Red Submariner

Reference # 1680
Sku # 1193402


Original MK6 closed 6 red sub in excellent original condition with creamy luminous and matching original hands. Several of the hash marks on the edge of the dial have flaked off.


Original thick case with original beveled edges is in excellent condition with average wear throughout. The serial and model numbers are perfectly clear between the lugs. The matching serial number is engraved in the caseback. The back is signed Fuerza Area Del Peru, with the pilot's issue number, 121 still visible.




Very few armed forces throughout the world, ordered watches directly from Rolex, to be issued to their elite members. It will remain a mystery why the small Peruvian Air Force had several models special ordered to be engraved FAP and issue numbers on the backs. While all FAP Rolex are rare, the red submariner is probably the rarest model. This model is in excellent original condition and comes directly from the family of the first owner in Lima.