Rolex Submariner

Reference # 5512
Sku # 1534013


Stunning original 4 line swiss only underline dial is in excellent super glossy condition. The luminous is fully intact. There is a very light semi-circle rub that goes through the left side of the word Rolex. This is extremely light to the top layer of lacquer and only visible at an extreme angle. The original hands match nicely.


Excellent original pointed crown guard case still retains its original edges. The lugs remain thick, even and sharp. Original twin-lock crown, domed glass and faded fat font insert.




As with most Rolex watches in 1963, this dial is marked with an underline to most likely signify the use of tritium opposed to radium. This dial configuration was produced for a very short period and is extremely rare. The entire watch is in excellent original condition and looks fantastic on the wrist.