Rolex Submariner

Reference # 5512
Sku # 1103702


Probably the rarest version of 4 lines with chapter ring 5512 there is! This is the 4 example I have ever seen! The dial is in absolutely fantastic untouched original condition, with a perfect surface without any damage. All of the printing is bright and crisp. All of the luminous remain in tact and have aged to a stunning patina. The hands match nicely.


The original pointed guard case with IV 62 in the back has seen some action and shows some wear throughout. However, some of the original edges remain intact. Original twin lock crown and crystal still intact.




Early 5512 are highly sought after by serious collectors. There are so many different variations of the 5512 dial, which make them so interesting to collect. This style dial is by far one of, if not the rarest there is. Only found in the very last series of 4 line chapter ring dials, this is an absolute must have for any serious collector!