1966 Rolex GMT Master ref. 1675

Original gilt gloss dial in perfect condition with matching original hands.


Original case has been detailed in the past by Rolex, while remaining sharp and thick. Original beautifully faded insert.


Slightly later 1972 USA riveted bracelet with 12 links and minimal stretch.

The watch is as complete as possible. This incredible set includes everything it was originally sold with, including punched guarantee, punched timing certificate, booklets, serial numbered hang tags, numerous service documents and correspondence from Rolex, as well as a detailed biographical letter from the original owner detailing his use of the watch during the Vietnam war!

Without a doubt the most complete set Ive ever come across! The watch happens to be in fantastic original condition with killer gilt dial combined with true military provenance make this a great watch to wear daily or to add to any serious collection.

1966 Rolex GMT Master ref. 1675
Super Complete Set w/ USN Provenance